Learn about how to create and manage Square's subscription plan
Subscriptions API

Square Subscriptions

Subscriptions enable sellers to generate a reliable cash flow and recurring revenue to grow their businesses. The Subscriptions API empowers application developers to embed subscriptions functionality in their applications. Sellers can easily create subscription plans and automatically charge customers on a recurring basis.

Benefits of integrating the Subscriptions API in your application include:

  • Simplified billing. Subscription billing can be hard, but Square has simplified the experience. You do not need to worry about when to charge a customer, who has paid, and who has not paid for their subscriptions. Square follows up with your customers based on the subscription plan by sending an invoice to the customer's email address or automatically charging the customer for the subscription.

  • Seamless customer, card, and invoice management. When offering subscription services, you are often concerned about creating and managing customers, customer cards, and invoices. The subscriptions API integrates with the rest of the Square platform, including APIs such as Customers and Invoices, which solve these problems.

  • Invoices available in the Seller Dashboard. A seller can review the invoices generated by subscriptions in the Seller Dashboard.

Managing subscriptions using Square APIs is a two-step process:

  1. Set up a subscription plan. You set up a subscription plan using the Catalog API. The plan is stored as a catalog object. For more information, see Set Up and Manage a Subscription Plan.

  2. Manage subscriptions. You create and manage subscriptions using the Subscriptions API. For more information, see Manage Subscriptions Using the Subscriptions API.

Did you know?

You can also use the Seller Dashboard to set up a subscription plan and manage a subscription. For more information, see Get Started with Subscriptions in Dashboard and Point of Sale.

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