Payments API and Refunds API

Payments API and Refunds API Webhooks

The Payments API and Refunds API support a set of webhooks. You can subscribe to these webhook events to get notified when there are changes. For a list of supported webhooks, see Subscribe to Events. Note the following about these webhooks:

The Payment.created event notification is sent when:

  • Square processes these endpoint requests: the Payments API (CreatePayment endpoint) and the v2 Transactions API (Charge endpoint).

  • A card payment is taken by a seller through other means, such as the POS application and invoices.

The payment.updated event is generated when the state of a card payment changes. For example, in a delayed capture scenario, the payment is only authorized. Later, when you call CompletePayment (or CancelPayment), the payment state changes. In addition, if an authorized payment is not completed (or canceled) within the time limit, the payment automatically gets voided (Square cancels the payment) and you get the payment.updated event notification.

When you refund a payment (using the RefundPayment endpoint), you get the following event notifications:

  • Refund.created initially indicates that the task is pending. Later, you get the refund.updated event after the refund completed or failed.

  • payment.updated event notification. The Payment object in the notification includes the refund ID.

The refund.updated event is sent any time a refund state changes.