Take Payments

In-Person Payment Options

Use Square payment APIs with custom solutions to accept in-person (point-of-sale) payments.

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Use Square Reader SDK when you want to integrate the Square checkout flow in your custom application.

Reader SDK provides an embedded Square checkout flow and accepts in-person payments in a custom Android or iOS application using a Square Reader. This simplifies chip and NFC payments, addresses EMV certification requirements, and makes PCI compliance easy. The SDK supports authorization, payment processing, and Reader management.

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The Terminal API lets your POS application process purchases using a seller's Square Terminal device. Square Terminal combines hardware and software and can be accessed from a third-party POS application running on a Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android device.

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Use the Point of Sale API to switch seamlessly to the Square Point of Sale application and collect payment with Square Readers. Build customized point-of-sale solutions without worrying about hardware integrations or PCI compliance. The Point of Sale API is available for native and web applications on iOS and Android.

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