Point of Sale SDK: Cookbook

Using the Point of Sale API in offline mode

Continue to process payments offline during moments of limited connection.

Point of Sale API

The Point of Sale API supports payment processing with the Square Point of Sale in offline mode.

Accept offline payments
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To accept offline payments with the Point of Sale API:

  1. In your Square Point of Sale app, open Settings > Offline Mode.

  2. Toggle Allow Offline Mode to on. Review information, then tap Allow Offline Mode.


Offline payments are processed automatically when your device regains connectivity, and will expire if not processed within 72 hours.

Offline payment results
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Note that offline payment results do not include a transaction_id field, because Square's backend systems have not received and processed the transaction. Instead, the response includes a client_transaction_id field, which matches the value of client_id in Transaction objects. Use the client_transaction_id to retrieve the transaction details using the Transactions API ListTransactions endpoint once internet connection is restored and the Square Point of Sale app processes the staged transactions .

Note that it is not currently possible to filter ListTransactions results by the client_id field.