Payments API

Take Payments

The Payments API provides the CreatePayment endpoint to take a payment. You can use this endpoint to direct Square to take payments and record payments processed outside of Square.

  • Direct Square to take payments. These can be:

    Square processes these payments and deposits the funds in the Square Balance associated with the seller's account. The seller has various options to access the funds. For example, the seller can configure the Square Balance to transfer funds to their bank account or get a Square debit card that gives instant access to funds in the Square Balance. For more information, see Keep your business in balance.

  • Record payments processed outside of Square. These can be:

    • Cash payments. A seller can receive cash payments from a buyer and use CreatePayment to record the payment. For more information, see Record cash payments.

    • External payments. External payments refer to any payments processed by external entities (not by Square or the seller). For example, a buyer places a food order through a courier service. The courier service collects the payment and pays the seller. The seller can record these payments using CreatePayment. This does not change the seller's Square Balance. For more information, see Record external payments.

In all these cases, a CreatePayment call results in the creation of a Payment object.

If a seller uses a Square first-party product (such as Square Point of Sale or the Seller Dashboard) to take a payment, it also generates a Payment object and is visible in the API.

Therefore, regardless of the payment source (card, cash, or external) or the payment method (using the Payments API or Square first-party products), all payments are accessible using the Payments API (the GetPayment or ListPayments endpoint), offering you an omni-channel experience for processing payments.

Square also provides the Refunds API to refund these payments. For more information, see Payments API Overview.

Monetary amount limits Permalink Get a link to this section

Square enforces two lower numerical limits on cash and card payment amounts:

  • Smallest unit of currency

  • Minimum amount for a payment

Note that cash and card payment amounts have different limits.

These limits vary by country as shown in the following table.

CountrySmallest unit of currency /
Minimum payment
Australia$:0.01 /
Card: $1.00, Cash: $0.05
Canada$:0.01 /
Card: $0.01, Cash: $0.05
Japan¥: 1 /
Card: ¥100, Cash: ¥1
United Kingdom£:0.01 /
Card: £1.00, Cash: £0.01
United States$:0.01 /
Card: $0.01, Cash: $0.01