How to upgrade your project for the latest version of the Reader SDK.
Reader SDK

Update your Project to a New Reader SDK Version

Java (Android)

Update your Android Studio project to use a new Reader SDK library modifying a build.gradle file in your project.

This topic assumes that you've followed the steps in Build on Android to configure and build an Android Studio project that uses the Reader SDK library and you want to install a new version of the library.

Square maintains a changelog for released Reader SDK versions. Each changelog for the Reader SDK that is tagged for Android provides an SDK version number.


Your Reader SDK repository credentials don't work with Reader SDK versions prior to the version you obtained with the Reader SDK credential for your application. If you don't know the SDK version you initially used, the best practice is to choose the latest update of the Reader SDK.

You update the build.gradle file for the module that depends on the Reader SDK in your project.

Set the value of def readerSdkVersion to the Reader SDK version number that you want to build your project with.