In-App Payments

Localize In-App Payments

In-App Payments SDK is localized to support the following languages:

  • English (Australia)

  • English (Canada)

  • English (Ireland)

  • English (United Kingdom)

  • English (United States)

  • French (Canadian)

  • Japanese

  • Spanish

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The In-App Payments SDK for Android uses the locale of the device that your application is running on to determine which set of localized string prompts to use. If you want to test your localized app in development, you can set the Android Emulator locale to a local for the English language (en-rAU, en-rCA, en-rGB, en-rIE), Spanish (es), French (fr-rCA), or Japanese (ja).

  1. Start an Android Emulator

  2. Open the Custom Locale settings app on the emulator

  3. Click the Locale that you want to set for the emulator.

  4. Choose Select to set the locale.

The following is the localization options supported with the initial release of In-App Payment SDK. As more regions are added, this list will change.

Android Emulator Set Locale

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Your application must be configured to support these localizations before a user in one of these regions can use the payment form in the language for the region. Complete the following steps to configure your application:

  1. Edit your Xcode project schema to set Application Language to System Language. xcode-editscheme@2x

  2. Edit the project settings on the info tab and add a localization for each of the languages supported by the SDK: xcode-project-info@2x

It is not necessary to localize the SDK strings in your application. Adding a localization entry on the info tab lets your application support a given language while the SDK supplies the localized strings for the payment form.

For English language regions, UI strings can vary depending on the region. For example, "ZIP code" is "postcode" in the United Kingdom.


If Spanish is set as the device language and the application includes the Spanish localization, the following is seen in the SDK payment form: