Payments API and Refunds API

Payments API and Refunds API Overview

Square provides the Payments API for application developers to process payments. Applications can call CreatePayment to charge a card (such as a credit/debit card and Square gift card) or record payments a seller received outside of Square (such as cash and other external payments). Each CreatePayment call results in the creation of a Payment object.

In addition to the Payments API, a seller might use Square first-party products (such as the Square Point of Sale application or Seller Dashboard) to process payments. All these transactions create Payment objects.

Regardless of the payment processing method (the Payments API or Square first-party products) or the payment source (card payment or cash payment), a developer can access all the Payment objects using the Payments API (GetPayment or ListPayments endpoints).

In addition, the Refunds API enables sellers to refund payments. Square processes the refund and returns the payment to the card. For cash or external payments, your applications can call the Refunds API to record these refunds.

Thus, the Payments API and Refunds API collectively offer an integrated payment experience.

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Together with the Orders API, the Payments API and Refunds API replace the Transactions API. Application developers should use these APIs to develop new applications. Applications that currently use the Transactions API should be migrated to the Payments and Refunds APIs. For more information, see Migrate from the Transactions API.