Testing Mobile Apps

Testing recommendations for Android and iOS developers.

Square Reader SDK and POS API are not currently supported in the sandbox and Square hardware only works in Square-supported countries. As a result, mobile developers of in-person apps must test in production with real credit cards. If you are an international developer, see our Testing in unsupported regions recommendations. If you are a developer trying to build with Square in-person mobile solution in supported regions, we recommend the following:

  • Start with cash — You can test cash payments without spending actual money using the CASH tender type.

  • Use small card payments — When you are ready to test card payments, you can charge small amounts, view the transaction details in Square Dashboard, and refund the payment ) while you are in the dashboard.


    In-App Payments SDK is supported in v2 Sandbox. See Sandbox Test Values to learn about how you can test your In-App Payments app.