Sandbox Test Values

Test Square API operations in the Square Sandbox using test values.

Sandbox test values are used to test the client and server sides of payment processing in the Square Sandbox.

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Square platform clients, such as the payment form and In-App Payments applications, accept payment cards and return one-time use encrypted nonces to be submitted to Square API payment endpoints to take payments. You can avoid testing your code with a real payment card by testing in the Sandbox.

Test client-side card-present logic in your payment form or In-App Payments application by using test credit card numbers to generate nonces for use with the Square API payments and card-on-file endpoints in the Sandbox.

If you do not need to test your client-side nonce-generation logic, use the nonces provided in the Square endpoint testing section to submit payments in the Sandbox with test nonces.

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You can use test credit cards with the payment form and In-App Payments SDK to input card numbers that generate a testable payment nonce.

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The Sandbox supports a collection of credit card numbers for all Square-supported card brands for simulating the client side of payment scenarios.

Test cards

BrandNumberCVVVerification Code
Visa4111 1111 1111 1111111
Visa EU4310 0000 0020 1019111123456
MasterCard5105 1051 0510 5100111
MasterCard EU5500 0000 0020 1016111123456
Discover6011 0000 0000 0004111
Discover EU6011 0000 0020 1016111123456
Diners Club3000 0000 0000 04111
JCB3569 9900 1009 5841111
American Express3400 000000 000091111
American Express EU3700 000002 010141111123456
China UnionPay6222 9888 1234 0000123
Square Gift Card7783 3200 0000 0000


  • You can set the card expiration date to any future month and year.

  • Payments in USD (United States), CAD (Canada), or GBP (the United Kingdom) require a valid postal code.

  • When testing the SCA flow with one of the European Union test cards, the verification code simulates the SMS verification code sent to the buyer's mobile phone during an actual transaction.

  • The Sandbox simulates the use of payment cards in Square-supported countries. In production, card brand and country support might be different. Before releasing your application into production, review Supported Payment Methods by Country .

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You can reproduce certain error states in the Sandbox by providing special values in the Square payment form or In-App Payments SDK.

If you use one of the following values, the nonce returned generates an error when it is processed by the CreatePayment endpoint:

Desired error stateTest values
Card CVV incorrectCVV: 911
Card postal code incorrectPostal code: 99999
Card expiration date incorrectExpiration date: 01/40
Card declined numberCard number: 4000000000000002
Card on file auth declinedPAN: 4000000000000010

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To test SCA in the Sandbox, you cannot use a nonce returned by the payment form in the cardNonceResponseReceived event after entering Sandbox credit card numbers or personal credit card numbers. Instead, use a test nonce from the following table.

Use the SqPaymentForm.verifyBuyer function for card present and card on file (CoF) SCA challenges with the following test values:

API call
ValueVerification code

The SCA flow requires buyers to provide a code sent to the their mobile phone in an SMS message. When testing in the Sandbox, use the verification code to simulate the code sent using SMS.


When testing the SCA flow in the Sandbox, be sure to initialize SqPaymentForm with a UK location ID.

The SCA flow and these test values are not supported in the legacy Sandbox.

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Test your payments logic that uses the CreatePayment endpoint to take a payment or the CreateCustomerCard endpoint to store a customer card on file.

If you are using the Square Payments API to generate payments in the Sandbox, you can use one of the Sandbox test nonces as the source_id in the payment request. You can also use a nonce generated with one of the test payment cards in the Client-side testing section.

API operationFieldValue
(card on file)
(Square Gift Card)


If you use a Sandbox test nonce in the CreateCustomerCard operation, you must provide 94103 as the postal code in the billing_address field or the request fails and returns an invalid postal code error.

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You can reproduce certain error states in the Square payment endpoint by using the following test values:

Error stateCard presentCard on file
Bad CVVcnon:card-nonce-rejected-cvv
Bad postal codecnon:card-nonce-rejected-postalcodeccof:customer-card-id-rejected-postalcode
Bad expiration datecnon:card-nonce-rejected-expirationccof:customer-card-id-rejected-expiration
Card declinedcnon:card-nonce-declinedccof:customer-card-id-declined
Card nonce already usedcnon:card-nonce-already-used
Gift Card insufficient fundscnon:gift-card-nonce-insufficient-funds
Gift Card no permissions.cnon:gift-card-nonce-insufficient-permission

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Sandbox test values can be used to test payments and terminal checkouts in the Square Sandbox. The Terminal API supports a collection of special device_id values you can use to simulate terminal checkouts without connecting to an actual Square Terminal. Successful Sandbox checkout requests result in a payment generated in the Sandbox and shown in the Seller Dashboard for your test account.

Use the following information to generate Sandbox terminal checkouts:

Device id
9fa747a2-25ff-48ee-b078-04381f7c828fSuccessCredit card payment for the full amount is approved.
Approved payments are up to $25 USD. Larger amounts fail and the checkout remains PENDING until it times out.
Note: This behavior is indistinguishable from initial failures followed by a successful payment.
22cd266c-6246-4c06-9983-67f0c26346b0SuccessCredit card payment for the full amount is approved, with a 20% tip.
Approved payments are up to $25 USD. Larger amounts fail and the checkout remains PENDING until it times out.
841100b9-ee60-4537-9bcf-e30b2ba5e215FailureCheckout is canceled by the buyer.
Note: This is the behavior when individual payment attempts fail and the buyer cancels on the device.
0a956d49-619a-4530-8e5e-8eac603ffc5eFailureCheckout is timed out by Square.
Note: This action immediately times out the checkout as if the timeout period has elapsed.
da40d603-c2ea-4a65-8cfd-f42e36dab0c7FailureCheckout is not picked up by Square Terminal and can be canceled by the developer.
This behavior simulates an offline Terminal and can be canceled by the developer. If not canceled, this checkout times out.

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This example creates a checkout in the Sandbox:

curl -X POST \
  https://connect.squareupsandbox.com/v2/terminals/checkouts \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer SANDBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
  -d '{
    "idempotency_key": "RANDOM_STRING",
    "checkout": {
        "type": "DEVICE",
        "amount_money": {
            "amount": 100,
            "currency": "USD"
        "reference_id": "YOUR REFERENCE ID",
        "device_options": {
            "device_id": "9fa747a2-25ff-48ee-b078-04381f7c828f"

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Your Sandbox account comes with one mock location per application. This location is unrelated to the production locations listed in the Square Developer Dashboard.

The Sandbox location ID is listed on the Locations tab for each application in the Developer Dashboard. You can also fetch the location ID programmatically by calling ListLocations with a Sandbox access token.

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You test the sample walkthrough in the Square Sandbox environment. After creating a loyalty program, you need a phone number to set up a loyalty account. In the Sandbox, you provide a Sandbox phone number, instead of a real phone number, using the following format:


For example, +14255551111. For more information and other Sandbox values, see Sandbox Test Values.

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Use these predefined payment amounts that map to specific dispute reasons. When you set one of these amounts in a CreatePayment request, Square generates a Sandbox dispute with the corresponding reason.

The amounts shown are in the lowest denomination of the currency you provide in the CreatePayment request. For example, for USD, the amount is in cents.

Charge amountDispute reason


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