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Now that you've signed up for a Square account, created an application, and tested some API requests, you can start building.

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Build business solutions

The Square developer platform provides a collection of APIs and a variety of development tools that let you build business solutions. These APIs provide capabilities that let you create applications for a broad range of business needs. These capabilities include:

  • Payments - Square provides payment solutions that allow sellers to get paid any time with flexible tools.
  • Commerce - Square commerce solutions allow sellers to process orders, manage catalogs, track inventory, book reservations, and customize Square Online.
  • Customers - Square provides customer solutions that allow sellers to grow their businesses and build customer relationships.
  • Staff - Square provides staff solutions that offer an integrated suite of team management and time-recording tools.
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Development tools

  • Square API - Square provides backend APIs for developers to build on the platform that sellers trust. This includes online payments, creating orders for itemized transactions, product catalog management, customer management, and employee rosters and timekeeping.

  • Square SDKs - Instead of using a REST library to call Square APIs, you can simplify backend development by using the Square SDK built for your language.

  • Client payment SDKs - Square payments can be started across multiple channels, including online, in-app, and in-person. These SDKs are supported by the server-side Payments API, which completes a payment.

    Square also supports Flutter and React Native for in-app and in-person payments.

  • Sample applications - Square provides OAuth samples, Square SDK samples, and Square mobile samples written in common programming languages.

  • Webhooks - Square supports push notifications for changes in Square account data.

Did you know?

You can extend the Square data model for some Square APIs by using custom attributes.

The tools and environments include the following:

  • Square Sandbox - An isolated sandbox API testing environment.
  • API Explorer - An interactive tool you can use to build, view, and send HTTP requests that call Square APIs.
  • API Logs - An interactive tool you can use to view the call history of Square API while you're testing and debugging applications, troubleshooting API issues, and getting a real-time view of activity across integrations.
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Two-step verification

You should enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Square account. 2FA provides protection against unauthorized access to your account (for example, using social engineering attacks, credential stuffing, or any other account takeover (ATO) techniques).

To enable 2FA:

  1. Log in to the Seller Dashboard.
  2. Choose My Business (upper right), and then choose Account settings.
  3. In the left pane, choose the Personal Information.
  4. Choose Enable 2-step verification. When prompted, choose SMS or Authentication App.

After two-step verification is enabled, if you're using a trusted device, you can select the Remember this device for 30 days checkbox after you log in. You're then only prompted for two-step verification every 30 days instead of every time.