After exploring the Get Started walkthrough, learn about areas to explore as a Square developer.
Get Started

What's Next

Now that you have signed up for a Square account, created an application, and tested some API requests, you can start building. The Square developer platform provides a collection of APIs and a variety of development tools:

  • Square API. Provides backend APIs for developers to build on the platform that sellers trust. This includes online payments, creating orders for itemized transactions, product catalog management, customer management, and employee timekeeping.

  • Square SDKs. Simplify development by encapsulating the Square API suites.

  • Client payment SDKs. Square payments can be processed across multiple channels, including online, in-app, and in-person. The Square developer platform includes server-side APIs that support online payments and mobile SDKs that support mobile payments on seller or buyer mobile devices.

    Square also supports Flutter and React Native for in-app and in-person payments.

  • Webhooks. Supports push notifications for various Square APIs.

The tools and environments include:

  • The Square Sandbox. An isolated Sandbox testing environment.

  • API Explorer. An interactive tool you can use to build, view, and send HTTP requests that call Square APIs.

  • API Logs. An interactive tool you can use to view V2 API logs to test and debug applications, troubleshoot API issues, and get a real-time view of activity across integrations.

  • The Postman collection. Use the Connect Postman collection to test Square APIs.

If you need more assistance, contact Developer Support or ask for help in the Developer Forums.