Learn how to view Square transactions in the Square Seller Dashboard.
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Step 4: Verify the Payment in the Seller Dashboard

The Seller Dashboard is the center of your business. A seller can control just about everything to ensure that the business is running smoothly.

The Home page provides a snapshot of your daily business activities, such as your next transfer amount, top selling items, and feedback from your customers. The navigation menu provides more details, such as:

  • Sales. Provides detailed reports where you can slice and dice numbers. You can customize the date range to pinpoint specific data. You can review the Transactions page to see every payment that passes through your business. You can choose a transaction and resend a receipt or issue a refund.

  • Items. You can review items in your item library. You can create new items or edit exiting items. You can also manage item categories, discounts, and taxes on this page. If you have items in a spreadsheet, you can bulk import them into the library.

  • Customers. You can see useful insights, such as details about new and returning customers, how satisfied customers are, and direct feedback customers send from their digital receipts.

  • Appointments. Provides integrated scheduling solutions. You can accept appointments from your website, from a Square Online store, or through email.

  • Accounts and Settings. This is where a seller updates their personal information.

You can review the details in the Seller Dashboard. In this section, you review the payment you took in the preceding section. Because you submitted the API request in the Sandbox, Square reports the transaction in the Sandbox Seller Dashboard (see About the Square dashboards).

  1. Open the Developer Dashboard.

  2. Choose Open next to Default Test Account. This opens the Sandbox Seller Dashboard associated with the default test account.

  3. Choose Transactions.

  4. On the Transactions page, verify the preceding payment. Make sure you have the appropriate date range selected.

An animation showing how to open the Sandbox Seller Dashboard from the Developer Dashboard and verify a payment.

If you need more assistance, contact Developer Support or ask for help in the Developer Forums.