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Connect v1 Retirement

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V1 Collection
V1 BatchingVarious
Migration guide
V1 Employees.Employees Team API
Migration guide
V1 Employees.EmployeeRoles Team API
Migration guide
V1 Employees.Timecards Labor API
Migration guide
V1 Employees.CashDrawers Cash Drawers API
Migration guide
V1Items Catalog API
Inventory API
Migration guide
V1 Locations Locations API
Migration guide
V1 Transactions.PaymentspendingWork in progressTBDTBD
V1 Transactions.RefundspendingWork in progressTBDTBD
V1 Transactions.SettlementspendingWork in progressTBDTBD
V1 Transactions.BankAccounts Bank Accounts API
Migration guide
V2 Employees Team API
Migration guide
V2 Transactions Payments API
Migration guide
V2 Reporting Payments API
Migration guide

Why is Square retiring Connect v1? Permalink Get a link to this section

The Connect v1 APIs were introduced in 2014. Since then, Square has collected developer feedback and learned more about building robust APIs. The result is an improved Square API data model (previously known as Connect v2) that supports versioning, lays the foundation for a unified development platform, and establishes scalable patterns for future functionality.

Retiring the Connect v1 APIs allows Square to expand interoperability with first-party and third-party products, implement consistent versioning policies, and support regular iteration on functionality in response to developer feedback.

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As gaps between the Square API model and Connect v1 are filled, the corresponding Connect v1 APIs are deprecated. Square strongly recommends against using Connect v1 APIs for new applications. Deprecated endpoints are clearly flagged in the Technical Reference and Square provides migration guides for affected developers.


Some Connect v1 functionality is not implemented in the Square API due to low usage. Where possible, the applicable migration guide provides an alternative approach.

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Connect v1 APIs are being deprecated as their replacements become publicly available. When a given API is deprecated, existing users have 12 months to update their code before the functionality is retired and permanently disabled. For more information about how Square handles API deprecation and retirement, see Square API Lifecycle .

Where can I get help? Permalink Get a link to this section

If you have questions about Connect v1 retirement or need help migrating to the Square API model, contact Developer Support, join our Slack, or reach out to your Square Account Manager.

What happens if I call an API after the retired date? Permalink Get a link to this section

Your code will break.

Retired functionality cannot be used, regardless of the Square-Version provided during the API call. Square SDKs released on or after the retirement date do not include retired features and REST calls that attempt to use retired functionality return errors.