Migrate from Deprecated APIs

This topic lists the APIs in the Square Developer Platform that are deprecated and scheduled for retirement. For information about the path from API deprecation to retirement, see Square API Lifecycle.

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Current status

The following Square APIs and Connect v1 APIs are deprecated and scheduled for retirement or recently retired and no longer supported. For detailed guidance about migrating your code to use the replacement Square API, refer to the migration guide provided in the table for the deprecated API.

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The following Square APIs are deprecated.

EmployeesTeam API
Migration guide
TransactionsPayments API
Migration guide
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Where can I get help?

If you have questions or need help migrating from deprecated APIs, contact Developer Support, join our Discord community, or reach out to your Square account manager.

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What happens if I call an API after retirement?

Your code will break.

Retired functionality cannot be used, regardless of the Square-Version provided during the API call. REST calls that attempt to use retired functionality return errors. Square SDKs released on or after retirement don't include retired features.