Square Node.js SDK Quickstart

Learn how to quickly set up and test the Square Node.js SDK.

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Prepare for the Quickstart

Before you begin, you need a Square account and account credentials. You use the Square Sandbox for the Quickstart exercise.

  1. Create a Square account and an application. For more information, see Create an Account and Application.

  2. Get a Sandbox access token from the Developer Dashboard. For more information, see Make your First API Call.

  3. Install Node.js. Square supports Node.js version 10 or later.

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Create a project

  1. Open a new terminal window. Create a new directory for your project and then go to that directory.

    mkdir quickstart cd ./quickstart
  2. Use the npm command to create a simple project definition file (package.json).

    npm init --yes
  3. Install the Square Node.js SDK.

    npm install square
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Write code

  1. In your project directory, create a file named quickstart.js with the following content:

  2. Save the quickstart.js file.

    This code does the following:

    • Creates a new Client object using your Square access token. For more information, see Set your Square credentials.
    • Calls the listLocations method.
    • If the request is successful, the code prints the location information on the terminal.

The code steps introduce some of the Square developer tools. For an overview of the Square APIs and developer tools, see Using the Square Node.js SDK.

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Set your Square credentials

The Node.js code in this Quickstart reads your Square Sandbox access token from the SQUARE_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable. This helps avoid the use of hardcoded credentials in the code.

For the following commands, replace yourSandboxAccessToken with your Square Sandbox access token:

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Linux or macOS

export SQUARE_ACCESS_TOKEN=yourSandboxAccessToken
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Windows: PowerShell

Set-item -Path Env:SQUARE_ACCESS_TOKEN -Value yourSandboxAccessToken
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Windows: Command shell

set SQUARE_ACCESS_TOKEN=yourSandboxAccessToken
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Run the application

  1. Run the following command:

    node quickstart.js
  2. Verify the result. You should see at least one location (Square creates one location when you create a Square account).

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