Build with Square

Build Basics

To build great applications with the Square APIs and SDKs, you should learn about the basic design principles that form the foundation of Square APIs. These principles include the API versioning scheme used, base elements of the data model, secured access, error handling, and more.

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  • Versioning in Square APIs. Square uses the YYYY-MM-DD API version-naming scheme, which indicates the date the API version was released. The API versioning scheme is used to control breaking changes.

  • Square API Lifecycle. The Square API (the successor to the Connect V1 API) typically follows a path from beta to general availability (GA). As the API approaches the end of life, Square deprecates it.

  • Using the REST API. You manage the resources of a Square account (such as items, payments, and orders) by making HTTPS requests to URLs that represent those resources.

  • When to use Connect V1. In general, the current Square API can do most operations needed to manage Square resources. Although Connect V1 has many equivalent endpoints, most of them have been deprecated in favor of the Square API.

  • Handling Errors. Learn how to improve your user experience by handling error information from Square APIs and SDKs.

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