Square Java SDK Quickstart

Learn how to quickly set up and test the Square Java SDK.

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Prepare for the Quickstart

Before you begin, you need a Square account and account credentials. You use the Square Sandbox for the Quickstart exercise.

  1. Create a Square account and an application. For more information, see Create an Account and Application.

  2. Get a Sandbox access token from the Developer Dashboard. For more information, see Make your First API Call.

  3. Install the following:


If you prefer to skip the following setup steps, download the Square Java SDK Quickstart sample and follow the instructions in the README.

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Create a project

  1. Open a new terminal window. Use the Maven command-line interface (mvn) to create a simple project.

    mvn archetype:generate \ -DinteractiveMode=false \ -DgroupId=com.square.examples \ -DartifactId=quickstart \ -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-quickstart
  2. After the command completes, go to your new project directory.

    cd ./quickstart

    Familiarize yourself with the directory structure and supporting files.

  3. Your project is defined by its project object model (POM). Open the pom.xml file in a text editor and replace its entire content with the following:

  4. Replace SDK_VERSION_HERE with the latest version of the Square Java SDK:


  5. When finished, save the pom.xml file.

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Write code

  1. In your project's src/main/java/com/square/examples subdirectory, create a new file named Quickstart.java with the following content:

  2. Save the Quickstart.java file.

    This code does the following:

    • Reads a configuration file that contains your Square access token. For more information, see Set your Square credentials.
    • Creates a SquareClient object that uses the credentials to authenticate with Square.
    • Creates a LocationsApi object that uses the SquareClient object to make API calls.
    • Calls the listLocationsAsync method of the LocationsApi object to retrieve the locations associated with the Square account.
    • If the request is successful, the code prints the location information on the terminal.
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Set your Square credentials

The Java code in this Quickstart reads your Square Sandbox access token from a separate configuration file. This helps avoid the use of hardcoded credentials in the code. Do the following:

  1. Create a new subdirectory (src/main/resources) and then, within that subdirectory, create a file named config.properties with the following content:

  2. Replace yourSandboxAccessToken with your Square Sandbox access token.

  3. When finished, save the config.properties file.

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Run the application

  1. Run the following command:

    mvn package -DskipTests

    Maven compiles your program into bytecode and prepares it for execution.

  2. Run the following command:

    mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="com.square.examples.Quickstart"
  3. Verify the result. You should see at least one location (Square creates one location when you create a Square account).

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