Explains some of the introductory common considerations when you begin integrating the Square API in your application.
Build Basics

General Development Concepts

The following topics review some of the basic concepts you should understand when developing applications on the Square platform:

  • TLS and HTTPS - Guidance for enabling HTTPS to call Square APIs over a secured connection.

  • Using the REST API - Information about sending requests to Square APIs and handling responses.

  • Handling Errors - Guidance about error handling and descriptions of the components of an Error object.

  • Best Practices for Collecting Information - Requirements and general guidelines for collecting and managing customer information. If you collect personal information from customers, it's critical that you handle that information responsibly.

  • Language Preferences for Applications - People communicate with software through natural languages, such as English, French, and Spanish. Because each person has a different preferred language, developers must track and accommodate language preferences of customers. This topic explains how applications that integrate the Square API might accommodate these language preferences in communications.