Object BuyerVerification

    public class BuyerVerification

    Lets the application retrieve a verification token for a payment source ID.

    • Method Detail

      • verify

         final Unit ,VerificationParameters,Integer)>verify(<ERROR CLASS> activity, VerificationParameters verificationParameters, Integer requestCode)

        Starts an activity that requests a verification token for a card paymentSourceId.

        activity - A reference to the activity that launches the challenge flow if needed.
        verificationParameters - A VerificationParameters object that contains a paymentSourceId, a BuyerAction, SquareIdentifier squareIdentifier, and Contact information
        requestCode - This code will be returned in onActivityResult() when the activity exits.
      • handleActivityResult

         final Unit ,Callback)>handleActivityResult(<ERROR CLASS> data, Callback<BuyerVerificationResult> callback)

        Use this function to handle results of the buyer verification activity. This function should be called from Activity.onActivityResult with the provided data parameter. callback will be called immediately with the result of the buyer verification activity.BuyerVerificationActivityCommand

        The callback is executed on the main thread.

        data - The data parameter from Activity.
        callback - A callback that will be immediately called back, if data corresponds to the result of a buyer verification activity.