Notification Delivery SLA

Details of Square Webhook service level agreement.

Square makes every effort to deliver webhook notifications as quickly as possible. In most cases, notifications will arrive within 60 seconds of the associated event.

Applications must acknowledge the notification by responding within 10 seconds with an HTTP 2xx response code. Responding outside the 10 second window, or with a different HTTP status code (including HTTP 3xx), Square will deem delivery unsuccessful.

Unsuccessful deliveries are retried for up to 72 hours after the originating event. After 72 hours have elapsed, the notification is discarded and will not be sent again. Square uses linear backoff to avoid spamming applications and retries notifications according to the following schedule:

Retry attempt Time between attempts Time since webhook event
1 1 minute 1 minute
2 2 minutes 3 minutes
3 4 minutes 7 minutes
4 8 minutes 15 minutes
5 16 minutes 31 minutes
6 32 minutes 63 minutes
7 – 78 60 minutes 2 – 72 hours