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This is pre-release documentation for an API in public beta and is subject to change.
Bookings API

Manage Bookings for Square Sellers

The Bookings API lets you create applications to manage bookings for Square sellers. Using the API, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Retrieve bookings and inspect the details of each booking, including services to be provided, bookable team members providing the services, and the location where the customer receives the services.

  • Search for the availability of a service, team member, and location to facilitate a booking. The returned availability can be turned into a booking by adding a customer.

  • Maintain bookings, including the creation, update, and cancellation of a booking.

A booking application using the Bookings API also uses several other Square APIs. They include:

  • The Locations API, which is used to choose a seller's business location where a customer receives a booked service provided by a team member of the seller.

  • The Team API, which is used to choose a team member of the seller to provide a booked service.

  • The Customers API, which is used to create a new customer or search for an existing customer for a booking.

  • The Catalog API, which is used to create a bookable service that is represented by a CatalogItemVariation object.

A team member who can be booked to provide a service must be a bookable team member. The seller or a designated representative of the seller can make a team member a bookable team member by adding the team member (an employee) to a service in the Square Seller Dashboard. This task cannot be delegated to any third-party developer calling the Square API.

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