Team API Overview

The Team API automates team member management. Management functions include creating new team members, updating team member properties, assigning wage settings, and deactivating team members. Team members can be scheduled in appointments, assigned to a Labor API shift, and paid through the Seller Dashboard payroll feature.

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Team members in the Seller Dashboard

Team members created and updated with the Team API are available in the Seller Dashboard under the following items:

  • Team. The new team member is shown in the Team Members list.

    A graphic showing details of a team member in the Seller Dashboard Team management application.

    Use the Seller Dashboard to assign a passcode and permissions to new team members.

  • Timecards. The new team member is shown in the New Shift window in the Name list.

  • Appointments. The new team member is shown in the Staff list.

  • Cash drawer shifts. A team member can be assigned to a cash drawer shift.

  • Payroll. The new team member is not automatically added to the seller's payroll. However, the seller can now select the team member to be added to the payroll.

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Requirements and limitations

  • Team members cannot be created in the Sandbox Seller Dashboard.
  • Team member permissions cannot be assigned via a Square API. They must be set in the Team application in the Seller Dashboard.
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A webhook is a subscription that notifies you when a Square event occurs. For more information about using webhooks, see Square Webhooks Overview.

The Team API uses the following webhook events:

team_member.createdEMPLOYEES_READA new team member was created.
team_member.updatedEMPLOYEES_READA team member was updated.
team_member.wage_setting.updatedEMPLOYEES_READA new team member wage setting was updated.

For a complete list of webhook events, see V2 Webhook Events Reference.

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