Team API Overview

Manage a roster of employees, associates, or volunteers for Square sellers.

Use the Team API to create team members, update team member properties, assign wage settings, and deactivate team members. In the Seller Dashboard, team members can be further configured for Square Payroll, scheduled in appointments, assigned to a labor shift, and more.

The Labor API is used with the Team API to manage timekeeping for shifts and labor cost reporting, payroll, and overtime management. For more information, see Labor API Overview.

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Supported operations

Your application can use the Team API to perform the following operations:

  • Create and update team members to manage their profile, status, and assigned locations. Team members can be created and updated individually or in bulk.
  • View and manage wage settings for a team member. A wage setting includes job assignments that define a job title, pay type, and pay rate.
  • Retrieve a specific team member or list all team members.
  • Search for team members by location or status.

For more information, see Integration Guide.

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Team members in the Seller Dashboard

Team members created with the Team API are available in the Seller Dashboard and integrate with the following features:

  • Team - The new team member is shown in the Team members list.

    A graphic showing details of a team member in the Seller Dashboard Team management application.

    Sellers use the Seller Dashboard to assign a passcode and permissions to team members.

  • Timecards - The new team member is shown in the New Shift window in the Name list.

  • Appointments - A team member can be added to the Staff list.

  • Cash drawers - A team member who is logged in with a passcode is automatically assigned to a cash drawer shift.

  • Payroll - A team member can be added to the payroll.


Team members cannot be added to the staff for appointments, assigned to a cash drawer shift, or added to the payroll using Square APIs.

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Requirements and limitations

  • The Sandbox Seller Dashboard doesn't support all features that integrate with team members. For example, the Payroll section isn't available in the Sandbox Seller Dashboard.
  • Square APIs cannot be used to assign permissions for team members. Team permissions are set in the Team section of the Seller Dashboard.
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A webhook is a subscription that notifies you when a Square event occurs. For more information about using webhooks, see Square Webhooks Overview.

The Team API uses the following webhook events:

EventPermission Description
team_member.createdEMPLOYEES_READA new team member was created.
team_member.updatedEMPLOYEES_READA team member was updated.
team_member.wage_setting.updatedEMPLOYEES_READA team member wage setting was updated.

For a complete list of webhook events, see V2 Webhook Events Reference.

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