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Capture employee working hours with breaks and hourly pay rate.

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Labor API

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Use the Labor API to integrate Square Point of Sale timekeeping with applications for labor cost reporting, payroll, and overtime management. It can also be used to integrate a time-clock app with a Square account for Square Dashboard labor reporting or Square Payroll. The API supports multiple breaks per shift and multiple wage levels per employee.

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Applications using OAuth require the following permissions:

  • Retrieving employees: EMPLOYEES_READ

  • Retrieving Workweek configurations, Employee wages and Break types: TIMECARDS_SETTINGS_READ, TIMECARD_SETTINGS_WRITE

  • Creating, updating, retrieving, and deleting Shift: TIMECARDS_WRITE, TIMECARDS_READ.

The Labor API also has the following limitations:

  • The Labor API cannot be used to assign job-based wages to an employee.

  • The Labor API cannot be used to create new Employees.

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Labor API can be used to track employee labor hours or import and export time keeping data to applications.

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Create a time keeping application for Square Account employees by providing the following features:

  • Record start time, end time, and breaks for a employees work shift to compensate employees for their actual time worked.

  • Set an hourly wage rate for a shift based on the job that an employee is doing on that shift.

  • Set break templates with a human-readable title, default duration, and payroll status to standardize employee shifts.

Import or export labor hours Permalink Get a link to this section

Import and export Square Account employee labor hours for timeclock, labor/sales reporting, and overtime management solutions by providing the following features:

  • Export Square Account labor hours: Use the Labor API shift search endpoint to get labor hours data in a pay period for use in an existing payroll system.

  • Import timekeeping data: Track employee labor hours in an existing timeclock application and import the data into a Square Account as Shift records. Generate labor/sales reports in the Square Dashboard or pay employees using Square Payroll.

Labor API is available for server-side development as a set of REST endpoints.

Note: A shift is a record of an employee's start and end time for a work period on a specific day. A shift records the hourly pay rate for the work period and the duration of any breaks taken. Shifts in the Labor API can replace Timecards in the Connect v1 API.

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Use the build guide to integrate with the Labor API