Verify a pickup order generated with the Orders API sample application in the Sandbox Seller Dashboard.
Order-Ahead Sample Application

Step 5: Verify your Pickup Order

Now that you have your developer credentials, configured the sample application, generated catalog items, and taken a pickup order, you are ready to verify your pickup order.

You can verify your pickup order by checking the Seller Dashboard for your application in your Sandbox test account.

  1. Open the Developer Dashboard and scroll down to Sandbox Test Accounts.

  2. Find the test account you used for the order-ahead sample application, and then choose the Open button.

    A graphic showing the Applications page of the Developer Dashboard with the test account you used for the order-ahead sample application.

  3. In the left pane, choose Orders. Your pickup order should appear in the list of open orders.

    A graphic showing the pickup order in the Seller Dashboard.

You have completed a pickup order with the order-ahead sample application.

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