Delete Catalog Objects and Query Deleted Objects

Applies to: Catalog API

Learn how to delete a catalog object and retrieve it for auditing.

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Delete a catalog object

When no longer needed, an object in the catalog can be deleted. A deleted catalog object remains in the catalog and can be queried for auditing purposes, but is otherwise inoperable.

Using the Catalog API, you can delete a catalog object by calling the DeleteCatalogObject endpoint to handle a single object or calling the BatchDeleteCatalogObjects endpoint to handle one or more objects.

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Request: Delete a catalog object

The following example shows how to delete a single catalog object as identified by its ID (ZFJKJAQSFYULGXU6JBC6LDVL). The object is of the ITEM type and has one variation (XXHPAGFTJOZLMSMYWOSFGCTD) associated with it.

Delete catalog object

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Response: Delete a catalog object

If successful, the request returns a response similar to the following:

{ "deleted_object_ids": [ "G5I2JPKMXSTHRIXIFORI53YX", "XXHPAGFTJOZLMSMYWOSFGCTD" ], "deleted_at": "2023-07-19T21:11:04.203Z" }

The operation deletes the item (G5I2JPKMXSTHRIXIFORI53YX) and the contained item variation (XXHPAGFTJOZLMSMYWOSFGCTD), making them inoperable except for being searchable for auditing purposes.

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Query deleted objects

To query deleted catalog objects, call SearchCatalogObjects while setting "include_deleted_objects":true and other applicable query expressions.

The result contains both active and deleted objects. You need to parse the returned response to filter out deleted objects that have the is_deleted property set to true.

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Request: Query deleted objects

The following example request shows how to call SearchCatalogObjects to query deleted items:

Search catalog objects

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Response: Query deleted objects

The successful response is similar to the following:

The returned result contains both the deleted (with "is_deleted":true) and active (with "is_deleted":false) catalog objects of the specified types.

SearchCatalogObjects is the only operation that can be applied on deleted catalog objects. Any other operation attempted on a deleted object results in an error.

Calling RetrieveCatalogObject against a deleted object ID returns a 404 Not found response.

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Other operations on deleted objects

Other than querying by SearchCatalogObjects, you cannot perform any operations on deleted catalog objects. In particular, you cannot undelete or otherwise modify a deleted CatalogObject instance. Any attempt to do so returns a 400 response indicating an invalid operation to update a non-existent object.