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Bookings API

Onboard a Square Account to the Bookings API

To use the Bookings API and test your application based on the API, the Square seller accounts of your application users and your own Square account must be activated for the Square Appointments service exposed by the Bookings API. The process is referred to as onboarding and must be performed in the Square Seller Dashboard. It is essentially a one-time initialization of the Square Appointments service with a chosen Square account in the Square Seller Dashboard.

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If you use your regular Square account to build and test a booking-related application, you must activate the production account for the Bookings API. When Square sellers, as your customers, use your application for their business bookings, they or their representatives must activate their production Square accounts for the Bookings API as well. The following steps guide you through the process to onboard a production account to the Bookings API.

To onboard a production account:

If you have not accessed the Square Appointments service, do the following.

  1. Sign in to the Square Seller Dashboard.

  2. In the Square Seller Dashboard, choose Appointments in the left-side navigation pane. bookings-seller-dashboard-landing-page

  3. On the Square Appointments page, choose the Get started button to start initializing Appointments.

  4. Enter or modify the business details, including the name, phone numbers, and time zone. Then, choose the Get Started button again.

  5. Choose to receive a download link on your mobile device to install the Square Appointments App or skip this option.

  6. On the Appointments home page, choose Services in the left-side navigation pane.

  7. On the Service Library page, choose Create Service to add a new bookable service or choose an existing one from the list to update the bookable service.

    Did you know?

    As an alternative, you can call the Catalog API to create a bookable service and skip this step.

  8. On the Appointments home page, choose Staff on the left-side navigation pane. To add an additional staff member, choose the Add Employee button at top-right corner to create a new employee and make the new employee as a staff member of the business, who is assigned a supported role and granted appropriate permissions including services the staff can provide, whether customers can choose the staff during online booking, the staff hours, or even managing the staff compensation.

    Did you know?

    Although you can use the Team API to create a team member, you must follow this step to add a staff member.

By now, the Square production account has been onboarded to Appointments and the Bookings API. To verify this, call the RetrieveBusinessBookingProfile to verify the seller's booking profile.

Did you know?

Before your customers use your bookings applications, you can ask them to onboard their Square accounts following the instructions given here.

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As an application developer, you might want to use your Square Sandbox developer account to test your applications based on the Bookings API before deploying them for your customers to use. To do so, you must onboard the Sandbox account to Square Appointments and the Bookings API.

Onboarding a Sandbox account is similar to onboarding a production account. It is a one-time initialization performed in the Square Seller Dashboard with your Sandbox account credentials. However, you must go through the Square Developer Dashboard to sign in to the Square Seller Dashboard with the Sandbox account credentials.

To onboard your Sandbox account:

  1. Sign in to the Square Developer Dashboard.

  2. Under Applications in the Sandbox Test Accounts section, choose the Open button to the right of the Default Test Account name to open the Square Seller Dashboard with the default test account credentials.


    Did you know?

    The default test account is created for you as a Sandbox test account when you sign up for your developer account.

  3. Follow step 2–8 in Onboard a production account to finish onboarding the Sandbox account.

    To verify whether your Sandbox account is indeed onboarded to use the Bookings API, call the RetrieveBusinessBookingProfile with your Sandbox account credentials to verify the Sandbox account booking profile.