Beta Release
This is pre-release documentation for an API in public beta and is subject to change.
Catalog API: Cookbook

Auto-apply Discounts

Use the Catalog API to configure discounts that apply automatically to payments made with Square Point of Sale applications including Square for Retail, Square for Restaurants, and Square Appointments.

Catalog API

Requirements and limitations
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  • Auto-applied discounts are not supported in Reader SDK or Checkout API.

  • Pricing rules created through the Catalog API are not editable in Square Point of Sale.

How auto-applied discounts work
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Discounts can apply based on:

  • specific items (or categories of items) purchased.

  • time of day, day of the week.

  • a promotional window.

Auto-apply discounts work with the following CatalogObject types:

  • Product Set — Represents a collection of catalog products. Product sets can be a collection of different Catalog object types, such as an ITEM, CATEGORY, or ITEM_VARIATION.

  • Pricing Rule — Represents a set of conditions under which a discount or fixed price applies to a product set.

  • Time Period — Represents a (potentially recurring) time period. Dates and times use the iCal Date-Time Format.


Auto-applied discount functionality is currently in BETA. Point of Sale applications must be version 5.15 or higher take advantage of pricing rules. For any questions or feedback, please contact Support.

Auto-apply Discount Recipes

Create discounts based on the number of products (volume), a combination of items (bundle), or a specific time period (timeframe).