Learn about the Sites API, which you can use to list the Square Online sites that belong to a Square seller.
Square Online

Sites API Overview

Square sellers use Square Online to build eCommerce websites by choosing from a variety of built-in templates and features. Developers can create integrations and third-party applications that extend Square Online features and add custom functionality.

The Sites API lets you retrieve basic details about the sites that belong to a seller (such as site ID, title, and domain). You can use the Sites API in combination with the Snippets API to add a snippet to a Square Online site.

Square Online APIs are publicly available as part of an early access program. For more information, see Early access program for Square Online APIs.

  • Applications that use OAuth require the ONLINE_STORE_SITE_READ permission to access site resources for a Square seller account. Depending on its functionality, your application might also require other Square permissions. For more information, see OAuth Overview.

  • Square does not provide a sandbox eCommerce environment for testing calls to the Sites API.

If you need more assistance, contact Developer Support or ask for help in the Developer Forums.