Learn about the Sites API, which you can use to list the Square Online sites that belong to a Square seller.
Square Online

Sites API Overview

Square sellers use Square Online to build eCommerce websites by choosing from a variety of built-in templates and features. Developers can create integrations and third-party applications that extend Square Online features and add custom functionality.

The Sites API lets you retrieve basic details about the sites that belong to a seller (such as site ID, title, and domain). You can use the Sites API in combination with the Snippets API to add a snippet to a Square Online site.

Square Online APIs are publicly available as part of an early access program. For more information, see Early access program for Square Online APIs.

Requirements and limitations Permalink Get a link to this section

  • Applications that use OAuth require the ONLINE_STORE_SITE_READ permission to access site resources for a Square seller account. Depending on its functionality, your application might also require other Square permissions. For more information, see OAuth Overview.

  • Square does not provide a sandbox eCommerce environment for testing calls to the Sites API.

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