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Retrieve catalog object



Returns a single CatalogItem as a CatalogObject based on the provided ID.

The returned object includes all of the relevant CatalogItem information including: CatalogItemVariation children, references to its CatalogModifierList objects, and the ids of any CatalogTax objects that apply to it.

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Path parameters

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The object ID of any type of catalog objects to be retrieved.

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Query parameters

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If true, the response will include additional objects that are related to the requested objects. Related objects are defined as any objects referenced by ID by the results in the objects field of the response. These objects are put in the related_objects field. Setting this to true is helpful when the objects are needed for immediate display to a user. This process only goes one level deep. Objects referenced by the related objects will not be included. For example,

if the objects field of the response contains a CatalogItem, its associated CatalogCategory objects, CatalogTax objects, CatalogImage objects and CatalogModifierLists will be returned in the related_objects field of the response. If the objects field of the response contains a CatalogItemVariation, its parent CatalogItem will be returned in the related_objects field of the response.

Default value: false

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Requests objects as of a specific version of the catalog. This allows you to retrieve historical versions of objects. The value to retrieve a specific version of an object can be found in the version field of CatalogObjects. If not included, results will be from the current version of the catalog.

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Response fields

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Any errors that occurred during the request.

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The CatalogObjects returned.

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A list of CatalogObjects referenced by the object in the object field.