This API is deprecated, see below for guidance on what to use instead.

Legacy Sandbox Support

Learn about Square API legacy sandbox support.


The legacy sandbox is deprecated. You should use the current v2 Sandbox to test Connect v2 APIs. The set of supported Connect APIs includes all of the Connect v2 APIs supported in the legacy sandbox.

Testing with sandbox
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The deprecated legacy sandbox provides limited support for key Connect v2 API endpoints. It lets you test integrations with payment APIs in a non-production environment. The sandbox does not send payment requests to the credit card networks so the Transactions API will never charge credit cards.

Sandbox support is available for:

Sandbox limitations
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Legacy sandbox transactions are not logged and do not appear in the Dashboard.

  • Customers created with sandbox credentials do not appear in the Dashboard and cannot be accessed with production API calls

  • Sandbox support is not available for mobile APIs and SDKs.

  • Sandbox support is not available for digital wallets with the Square payment form.

  • Sandbox support is not available for multiparty transaction functionality in the Transactions API.

  • Sandbox support is not available for the following APIs:

    • ApplePay API

    • Reporting API

    • Catalog API

    • OAuth API

    • All Connect v1 APIs

For end-to-end testing or to test unsupported APIs and SDKs, we recommend using production credentials for an activated Square account that is approved for payments.

Using the sandbox
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Every application has a sandbox application ID, a sandbox access token, and a set of sandbox location IDs. These credentials are available on the Credentials tab of the application control panel in the Application Dashboard.

To find your sandbox credentials and sandbox location IDs:

  1. Go to the Application Dashboard.

  2. Click on your application to open the application control panel.

  3. Click on the Credentials tab.

  4. Click View legacy sandbox credentials to find your sandbox token.

  5. To find your sandbox location IDs, click the Locations tab or call the ListLocations endpoint with your sandbox credentials.

Your sandbox access token is a secure credential. If you think your sandbox token has been compromised, click Replace Token in the Sandbox Access Token field to generate a new sandbox token.

Using the sandbox with the Square payment form
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You provide your application ID to the SqPaymentForm when you initialize it. To generate a payment form that produces sandbox card nonces, make sure to use your sandbox application ID to initialize SqPaymentForm. Sandbox nonces generated by SqPaymentForm only work for sandbox API requests. Use Legacy Sandbox test values for test credit card numbers on the payment form.