Create and Authorize a Sandbox Test Account

Create v2 Sandbox test accounts and access the sandbox seller dashboard in the Developer Portal

Sign in to the Developer Portal to create testing accounts.

Create a sandbox test account
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The Developer Portal lets you create up to 4 test accounts in addition to the default v2 Sandbox test account.

Click New Account to create a new sandbox test account.


Authorize a sandbox test account
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The application OAuth page lets you authorize a sandbox test account to use your application with the permission scope you set in the authorization. In testing, you can bypass the production OAuth authorization API callflow by using the access token generated for each sandbox test account you create.

  1. Select the application that you want a testing account to be authorized to use.

  2. Click Sandbox Settings to show sandbox settings

  3. Open the OAuth page and click Authorize an Account.

  4. Choose a sandbox test account to authorize on the Authorize an Account dialog.

  5. Select the permissions that you want the account to have.

  6. Click Save to save the permissions you selected


If you want to change the permission scope that you authorized for a sandbox test account, you must revoke the existing authorization and then create a new one.

Next steps

Now that you have a sandbox test account, use the access token to take a payment