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Indicates whether the Payment objects created from this TerminalCheckout are automatically COMPLETED or left in an APPROVED state for later modification.

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The duration of time after the payment's creation when Square automatically cancels the payment. This automatic cancellation applies only to payments that do not reach a terminal state (COMPLETED or CANCELED) before the delay_duration time period.

This parameter should be specified as a time duration, in RFC 3339 format, with a minimum value of 1 minute.

Note: This feature is only supported for card payments. This parameter can only be set for a delayed capture payment (autocomplete=false). Default:

  • Card-present payments: "PT36H" (36 hours) from the creation time.
  • Card-not-present payments: "P7D" (7 days) from the creation time.

Example for 2 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes, and 15 seconds: P2DT12H30M15S

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If set to true and charging a Square Gift Card, a payment might be returned with amount_money equal to less than what was requested. For example, a request for $20 when charging a Square Gift Card with a balance of $5 results in an APPROVED payment of $5. You might choose to prompt the buyer for an additional payment to cover the remainder or cancel the Gift Card payment.

This field cannot be true when autocomplete = true. This field cannot be true when an order_id isn't specified.

For more information, see Take Partial Payments.

Default: false

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The action to be applied to the payment when the delay_duration has elapsed. The action must be CANCEL or COMPLETE.

This parameter can only be set for a delayed capture payment (when autocomplete is false).