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GiftCardActivityRefund BETA

Present only when GiftCardActivityType is REFUND.


Name Description


The ID for the Redeem activity that needs to be refunded. Hence, the activity it refers to has to be of the REDEEM type.


The amount of money to be refunded. When creating an activity of the REFUND type, this field can be used for partially refunding money from the Redeem activity denoted by redeem_activity_id. Hence, its value cannot be greater than the amount in the activity denoted by redeem_activity_id. If a full refund is being sought, this field can be left empty because only the amount in the activity denoted by redeem_activity_id is refunded. While reading an event of this type, this field is always present. It shows the amount refunded.


A client-specified ID to associate an entity, in another system, with this gift card activity. This can be used to track the order or payment related information when the Square Orders API is not being used.


Read only When the Square Payments API is used, Refund is not called on the Gift Cards API. However, when Square reads a Refund activity from the Gift Cards API, the developer needs to know the ID of the payment (made using this gift card) that is being refunded.