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A list of modifiers applicable to items at the time of sale.

For example, a "Condiments" modifier list applicable to a "Hot Dog" item may contain "Ketchup", "Mustard", and "Relish" modifiers. Use the selection_type field to specify whether or not multiple selections from the modifier list are allowed.


Name Description

The name for the CatalogModifierList instance. This is a searchable attribute for use in applicable query filters, and its value length is of Unicode code points.

Max Length 255
integer (32-bit)

Determines where this modifier list appears in a list of CatalogModifierList values.


Indicates whether multiple options from the modifier list can be applied to a single CatalogItem.

CatalogObject [ ]

The options included in the CatalogModifierList. You must include at least one CatalogModifier. Each CatalogObject must have type MODIFIER and contain CatalogModifier data.

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