Learn about the basics of building applications with Square APIs.
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Basics of Building Applications with Square

The topics in this section describe general design concepts and patterns that are useful to understand as you develop on the Square Developer Platform:

  • Versioning in Square APIs. Describes the version-naming schemes used for the Square API and SDKs.

  • Access Tokens and Other Square Credentials. An overview of credentials used to identify or authenticate an application and authorize access to resources in a Square account.

  • Frontend and Backend Development. An overview of how Square APIs and SDKs are used in frontend and backend development.

  • General Development Concepts. Information about calling Square APIs and guidance for collecting and managing customer information and accommodating language preferences.

  • Common Data Types. Information about supported date formats and the common Address and Money data types used across Square APIs.

  • Common Square API Patterns. Information about programming patterns for idempotency, pagination, and optimistic concurrency that you should understand when using Square APIs. This topic also describes supported methods for clearing fields on objects.

  • Square API Lifecycle. An overview of the beta, general availability, deprecated, and retired stages in the Square API lifecycle.

  • International Development. Information about developing Square applications for sellers that are located in other countries.


To develop on the Square platform, you need a Square account and an application. You can follow the Get Started guide to learn how to sign up for a Square account, create an application, make your first API calls in the Square Sandbox environment, and view logs of your API calls.

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