When to Use Connect V1

In general, the current Square API (Connect V2) can do most operations needed to manage Square resources. Although Connect V1 has many equivalent endpoints, most of them have been deprecated in favor of the Square API.

Square strongly discourages using Connect V1 in most cases. However, there are a few exceptions where you must use Connect V1 to perform operations.

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You must use Connect V1 to list and view bank accounts and settlements. For example, when a customer buys something from a Square seller, the payment is processed and added to the balance in the seller's Square account. Fully onboarded sellers have their Square accounts linked to one or more bank accounts so that the money in their Square accounts can be deposited in one of their bank accounts. Common use cases include listing bank accounts, tracking the status of settlements, and seeing the bank account associated to a settlement.

Use the following Connect V1 endpoints:


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You use the V2 Payments API to create and manage card payments. You can use the SearchOrders endpoint to list and view almost all details for card and cash transactions. However, if you need to read any of the following information from a payment, you must use the V1 Payments endpoints:

  • Device detail about a Square Point of Sale transaction.

  • Itemization details (such as a type, merchant-defined category, or SKU).

Use the following Connect V1 endpoints:

Payments V1

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Employees are now known as team members. The Connect v1 Employees API is deprecated and replaced by the Team API. To learn about migrating your v1 Employees integration to the Team API, see Migrate from the v1 Employees API.

Use the Labor API to manage team member shifts, breaks, and wages and use the Team API to manage team members and team member roles. Team member roles define job titles that can be assigned to a team member.

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Square Point of Sale enables you to organize your items into favorites pages so that you can display a subset of items from your catalog. You must use Connect V1 to manage these pages and the cells that represent specific items on each page.

Use the following Connect V1 endpoints:


Page Cells