Store a Card on File with SCA

Applies to: Web Payments SDK | Customers API

Learn how to add code to your application to store a card on file with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

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You can add code to the application you created (with a card payment) from the quickstart project sample, as documented in Web Payments SDK Quickstart. If you haven't created an application using the quickstart, you need to do so before completing the following steps.

You can see a complete code example in the Web Payments Quickstart on GitHub.

Did you know?

Custom risk score-based SCA authentication private beta

If the seller has set up custom score rules and logic in Risk Manager, you can also trigger SCA authentication based on the custom risk score by passing the custom risk score value in the verifyBuyer() method call with the customScore field. To try out this feature, contact your Square representative.

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Implement storing a card on file with SCA

To learn how to update your code to store a card on file with SCA, watch the video and read the guided tour.