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Applies to: Checkout API

Learn how to update, retrieve, and delete the checkout pages you created.

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Update a payment link

You can use the UpdatePaymentLink endpoint to update the following payment_link fields:

  • description - The optional description of the payment_link object.
  • checkout_options - You should specify the entire CheckoutOptions object in the update request. If you specify only specific fields, the update operation deletes fields not included in the request.
  • pre_populated_data - You only specify the PrePopulatedData fields that you want to update (or add). If a field you provided in the request doesn't exist, it gets added.

You cannot update the order_id, version, URL, or timestamp fields.

In the following example, you create a checkout page and then call UpdatePaymentLink to apply the updates:

  1. Create a quick pay checkout page for $125 for auto detailing:

    Create payment link

    The following is an example response:

  2. Update the following fields:

    • description - Add a description.
    • checkout_options - Specify a new custom_fields ("Very Special Instructions"). You verify that both the existing custom fields are deleted.
    • pre_populated_data - Specify only the buyer_email and address_line_1 fields. You verify that all other fields are preserved.
    • fields_to_clear - Specify the field to remove checkout_options.allow_tipping.
  3. Run the following UpdatePaymentLink request to apply the updates:

    Update payment link

    Note that fields_to_clear is an array where you provide a comma-separated list of fields to delete. For example:

    "fields_to_clear": [ "checkout_options.allow_tipping", "pre_populated_data.buyer_address" ]

    This deletes the allow_tipping field from checkout_options and the entire buyer_address from pre_populated_data. To delete the entire checkout_options, specify the following:

    "fields_to_clear": [ "checkout_options ]
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Retrieve payment links

You can retrieve a specific payment link by ID or all the payment links in the account. The Checkout API provides the RetrievePaymentLinks and ListPaymentLinks endpoints. Try using API Explorer to test these endpoints.

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Delete a payment link

You can use the DeletePaymentLinks endpoint to delete a payment link you created.

Delete payment link

After receiving the request, the endpoint sets the corresponding order state to CANCELED and deletes the checkout link.

{ "id": "KFLXPQROJALW56ZX", "cancelled_order_id": "6nJTzvMv7nA28JSKAgDpxlg3vgFZY" }