Configure the Reader SDK on iOS for Square Stand

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Requirements and limitations

You need to install and configure the Reader SDK.


Other than Square Readers, the Reader SDK cannot talk to any printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, or other peripherals connected through Square Stand.

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Update your Info.plist file for Square Stand

The Reader SDK on iOS supports using Square Stand for swiping payments and connecting a Contactless and Chip Reader using USB. Square Stand support is limited to accepting payments.

To use Square Stand with your application, add the following key-value pairs to your Info.plist file. The Reader SDK automatically detects if a Square Stand is connected and use it to accept swiped credit card payments.



Before you can submit an application using Square Stand to the Apple App Store, Square must notify Apple that your application is authorized to work with Square Stand. This process might take several weeks to complete. Contact us for assistance.

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