Get Reader SDK Credentials

Applies to: Reader SDK - Android | Reader SDK - iOS

Learn how to get credentials for the Reader SDK before configuring the Reader SDK sample application.


The Mobile Payments SDK has launched as the successor of the Reader SDK. To take in-person payments on Square hardware, you should migrate from the Reader SDK to the Mobile Payments SDK.

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Complete the following steps to request credentials and generate a Reader SDK repository password:

  1. Open the Developer Dashboard. You're prompted to sign in or create an account.

  2. Create a Square application and name it Reader SDK Quickstart.

  3. Choose the Reader SDK Quickstart application to open your Square application settings pages.

  4. In the left pane, choose Reader SDK, and then choose Request Credentials to generate your Reader SDK repository password.

    A graphic showing the Reader SDK page in the Developer Dashboard with the generated Reader SDK repository password.


    Keep your Reader SDK settings page open. You need the application ID and repository password to configure the Reader SDK sample application in the next step. Use the Generate Mobile Auth Code button to authorize the sample application in Take a Cash Payment.

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