Troubleshoot In-App Payments SDK Problems

Applies to: In-App Payments SDK - Android | In-App Payments SDK - iOS

Learn how to troubleshoot problems with the In-App Payments SDK.

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I get an apple_pay_nonce_request_invalid_certificate when requesting a payment token


There's a problem with your Apple Pay payment processing certificate or Xcode has cached an older (invalid) certificate.


  1. Ensure that your Apple Pay certificate in the Apple Developer Portal is active.
  2. Verify that you've uploaded the certificate to the Developer Dashboard.

If you continue receiving the error, you might need to clear a cached certificate:

  1. Create a new Square CSR for Apple Pay using the Square Developer Dashboard.
  2. Sign in to the Apple Developer Portal and create a merchant ID.
  3. In the Apple Developer Portal, create a new Apple Pay payment processing certificate for your new merchant ID by uploading the new Square CSR.
  4. Upload the new Apple Pay certificate to the Developer Dashboard.
  5. Update your Apple Pay merchant ID on the Capabilities tab in Xcode.
  6. Update the code that creates your PKPaymentRequest to use the new merchant ID.
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