Clone the Quickstart Project Template

Applies to: Web Payments SDK | Payments API

Learn how to clone the quickstart project template into a folder on your computer.

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The project template isn't initially integrated with the SDK and doesn't render the card payment form.

Test the application

  1. Follow the GitHub repo README file to get the development server running.

  2. Open a browser to http://localhost:3000 to verify that the server is running.

    Your web page looks like the following page:

    A graphic showing the default Quickstart web page that confirms that the sample is running.


If your web page renders as shown in the previous image, you're ready to write the code that adds the Card payment method to the page.

The quickstart asks you to update the code in these project files:

  • The public/index.html file is an empty static HTML page where you add the Web Payments SDK and application logic.

  • The public/app.css file is the stylesheet that contains some preset styles to help with the page layout.

  • The top-level server.js file contains the server call to the CreatePayment endpoint for charging the payment source. The quickstart application must include server.js to make the server call; otherwise, the application cannot create a payment. The quickstart project also includes tests in the server.tests.js file.


    • The value in server.js line 45 sets the currency for the quickstart to US dollars. If your default test account is based in another country, be sure to update server.js with the currency code for your country before you run the quickstart.
    • If you're using a non-US account, you must change the currency to match the country in which you're accepting the payment.
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