Take PayPay QR Code Payments

Applies to: Terminal API

Use the Terminal API to take payments with PayPay, the QR code payment method in Japan.

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Requirements and limitations

  • Square Terminal must be running version 5.95 or later to accept a PayPay QR code payment.
  • Square Terminal must be activated and located in Japan.
  • The seller must be approved to accept PayPay QR code payments in Japan. For more information, see Apply for PayPay, which can be viewed in English or Japanese.
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Request a PayPay Terminal checkout

The Terminal API supports PayPay QR code payments by providing the payment_type field in the TerminalCheckout object and the CheckoutOptionsPaymentType enumeration. When a payment_type has the PAYPAY enumerator value specified in the checkout request, the Terminal displays the PayPay QR code for the buyer to scan.

The following example shows a Terminal checkout request with the PayPay payment_type:

Create terminal checkout