Deprecated SDKs and Libraries

APIs are deprecated as the first stage toward retirement; they are typically deprecated at least 12 months before permanent retirement.

Deprecated functionality remains publicly available and fully supported, but its use is strongly discouraged for all applications, regardless of the Square-Version provided with API calls.You are discouraged from building new solutions on deprecated APIs. On deprecation, you should plan on updating or retiring existing applications that depend on the deprecated APIs.

Deprecated functionality is clearly tagged in the Documentation section and grouped together in the Technical Reference section of the Developer resource site.

If a deprecated API has a Square API replacement, the deprecated API moves to the maintenance state when the replacement reaches GA and remains in maintenance for at least six months. If no replacement is planned, the deprecated API moves to maintenance approximately six months before retirement.


You are strongly encouraged to migrate existing users to the applicable replacements as soon as possible to avoid disrupting their commerce. Developers using Square SDKs released on, or after, the deprecation date see deprecation warnings in API logs (for interpreted languages) or compilation warnings (for compiled languages) when referencing deprecated functionality.