With Square APIs and SDKs, it’s Square — customized.

Supercharge Square for sellers of every size. Our entire connected commerce platform – from elegant hardware to a rich suite of Square APIs – is yours to build with. Whether you’re developing an app or composing a bespoke solution, this is the place to make it happen.

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Build it your way with Square APIs and more from our own toolkit.

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Developer essentials

Make the most of Square APIs with tools such as the Square Sandbox, Square API Explorer, webhooks, GraphQL and sample apps.

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Payments APIs

Give sellers the flexibility to process online, in-person and in-app transactions.

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Commerce APIs

Allow sellers to process orders, manage catalogues, track inventory, book reservations and customize Square Online.

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Customers APIs

Create a path for sellers to grow relationships by integrating customer, loyalty and gift card features directly into your application.

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Staff APIs

Ensure sellers can compensate their employees and schedule staff with team management and recording tools.

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Merchants APIs

Support sellers as they leverage the Square platform across all aspects of their businesses and across multiple locations.

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It’s all happening on the Square platform.

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Video tutorial

Learn how Jotform integrated with Square to build a customer-centric payment experience.

Dev spotlight

Unlock a better mobile experience with GraphQL and PKCE.

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See how Reference Health uses Square APIs in the health care space.

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Build and grow your own business with Square.

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