2024-01-18 Changelog

Catalog API
Invoices API
Loyalty API
Orders API
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Version summary

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API updates

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Documentation updates

  • Customers API:

    • Manage Customer Profiles - Removed details about setting the X-Clear-Null header when using null to clear fields in an UpdateCustomer request. This header is no longer required.
  • Dev Essentials:

  • Locations API:

    • Locations API Overview - Removed details about setting the X-Clear-Null header when removing fields from a Location object. When updating a location, you can remove any non-read-only field by setting its value to null.
  • Technical Scenarios:

    • New scenario-based documentation that describes how to build applications that satisfy seller requirements for various use cases.
      • Build a Tip Report - Sellers want to report on the tips earned by their team members in a given time period.
      • Split an Online Payment - Sellers want the ability to use orders to capture split payments when credit cards and gift cards are used.
      • Build a Sales Report - Sellers want to generate sales reports for items sold in a given time period.