2023-12-13 Changelog

Catalog API
Checkout API
Terminal API
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Version summary

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API updates

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Documentation updates

  • App Marketplace

    • Create an App Marketplace Listing - New documentation that provides best practices for writing an effective listing for your app in the App Marketplace.
    • App Marketplace requirements topics - New interactive topics that ask questions about your API usage and provide a dynamic list of requirements tailored to your app.
  • Locations API:

    • Expanded the list of Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) that can be provided to the UpdateLocation endpoint for each country and documented the MCCs available in Great Britain, France, Ireland, Spain, and Australia.
  • Terminal API:

    • Dismiss Terminal Checkouts and Refunds - New documentation that describes how to dismiss Terminal checkouts and Interac refunds on a Square Terminal when the buyer needs to abandon a checkout or a refund operation.
  • Dev Essentials: