Square Developer

Build a robust and secure online payment experience with Square APIs.

Add payments however you like.

Build from scratch with Square Web Payments SDK.

New Use a pre-built form with Square Checkout API.

Create a custom online payment form that’s responsive, secure and PCI compliant. Customers can pay quickly with their favourite payment method and businesses can rest assured they’ll get paid every time.

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Opt for our simple, Square-hosted solution to integrate payments into any workflow with minimal coding. Businesses will love the flexible features and wide range of payment methods offered.

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Connect with third-party plug-ins.

Choose existing payment solutions from top eCommerce providers. Most integrations can be completed in just a few clicks – no coding necessary.

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Give customers more ways to pay.

Single transactions

Take payments for products or services purchased on your site.
Process payments

Recurring transactions

Store a card on file and charge it later using your own subscription logic.
Card on file

Multi-party transactions

Make money by adding a fee on payments processed through your app.
Collect fees

Digital wallets

Connect easily with Apple Pay or Google Pay to speed up checkout and increase site conversion.

Focus on building your site. We’ll handle the payments.

PCI compliance

Our online payment APIs facilitate your PCI-DSS compliance. We take on the burden of staying compliant, which means no checklists, audits, or assessments required.

Dispute management

We have a dedicated disputes team to deal with the bank for you. We’ll ask for the documentation we need and take care of the rest with no additional fees.

Fast deposits

Get your money faster with Square. We deposit funds into your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Fraud detection

We use machine learning to analyze every payment in our ecosystem, and continuously innovate in fraud prevention.

Processing Fees

Square offers simple, transparent payment pricing with no hidden fees. Square APIs and SDKs are free for developers to use. Sellers only pay processing fees for each transaction.

Ready to get started?

Review our setup guide and start integrating payment capabilities into your app.