Manage Customers for Enhanced Customer Experience

The Customers API, Customer Groups API, and Customer Segments API make it easy to seamlessly integrate, manage, and synchronize customer profiles and customer segmentation at scale. The Customers API can create and manage customer profiles, save credit card information (card on file) for future and recurring payments, and perform targeted customer searches. The Groups and Segments APIs enable flexible customer segmentation for automation and personalization of customer workflows and programs for sellers.

Customers API
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The Customers API lets you manage customer profiles individually. You can call the API endpoints to create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) a customer profile. You can use the Customers API to search customers by their phone numbers, email addresses, reference IDs, their memberships in specified customer groups, the time their profiles are created or updated, the sources from which the profiles were created. In addition, the API lets you save or clear customer cards on file, as well as add and remove group memberships to and from a customer profile. For more information, see Customers API.

Customer Groups API
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The Customer Groups API lets you create, read, update and delete (CRUD) a customer group. Customer groups lets you organize customers to enable personalized customer experiences at scale. For more information, see Customer Groups API.

Customer Segments API
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The Customer Segments API lets you discover available customer segments in a seller's account and get details about a specific customer segment of a given ID. A customer segment is a group of customers dynamically formed according to a set of criteria specified in the Square Seller Dashboard or by using a Square POS app. For more information, see Customer Segments API.