Step 1: Set up a Loyalty Program

Square sellers can subscribe to Square Loyalty and set up a loyalty program to help increase repeat visits to their business. A loyalty program defines how buyers can earn points and redeem points for discounts. For more information, see Loyalty Program Overview.

Did you know?

Check out the Sandbox 101: Loyalty API video, which shows how to set up a loyalty program in the Sandbox, create a loyalty account, and then add and redeem loyalty points using steps that are similar to this walkthrough.

Before you begin the walkthrough, do the following:

  • Review Sandbox testing considerations to understand how you use the Square Sandbox for this walkthrough.
  • Gather account information to use for your Square API requests.
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Review Sandbox testing considerations

In this walkthrough, you set up a loyalty program and create loyalty, order, and other Square resources in the Sandbox. The Sandbox is an isolated server environment provisioned for each Sandbox test account. When possible, you should use the Sandbox for testing. For more information, see Square Sandbox.

You use a Sandbox credit card to subscribe to Square Loyalty and a Sandbox payment token to pay for orders so your buyer can earn loyalty points. Sandbox payment methods are never charged.

To create a loyalty account for this walkthrough, you provide a Sandbox phone number using the following format (for example, +12085551111).


You also use the Sandbox Seller Dashboard to set up your loyalty program, and you can optionally use it to view the changes that you make with Square APIs.

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Gather account information

In this walkthrough, you use your Sandbox access token to authorize your calls to the Square API and your location ID to create orders and add points to a loyalty account. Your Square account must be activated in a country where Square Loyalty is available.

Follow these steps to get the access token and location ID used in this walkthrough.

  1. Sign in to the Developer Dashboard and open your application. If you don't have a Square account, see Get Started to learn how to create an account and an application.

  2. Get your Sandbox access token:

    1. At the top of the page, in the Sandbox and Production toggle, choose Sandbox.
    2. On the Credentials page, under Sandbox Access Token, choose Show and then copy the token. All Square API requests require an access token for authorization. This personal access token grants full access to the Sandbox resources in your account.


    The Sandbox access token is a secure secret. Don't share it with anyone.

  3. Get your location ID:

    1. In the left pane, choose Locations.
    2. On the Locations page, keep Default Test Account selected and copy a location ID.

    An animation showing how to get the Sandbox access token and location ID in the Developer Dashboard.


    To retrieve location IDs programmatically, call ListLocations.

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Set up a loyalty program

Use the following steps to set up a loyalty program in the Sandbox Seller Dashboard:

  1. Open the Seller Dashboard in the Sandbox.

    1. Sign in to the Developer Dashboard.
    2. In the Sandbox Test Accounts section, choose Open for Default Test Account. This opens the Sandbox Seller Dashboard where you create your loyalty program.
  2. In the left pane, choose Customers, and then choose Loyalty.

  3. On the Build repeat business and reward your customers page, choose Get Started.

    A screenshot of the Loyalty subscription page where you can start setting up a loyalty program.

    You now follow a series of steps to set up your loyalty program.


    These steps assume that you're setting up a loyalty program for the first time. To change an existing program, choose Settings on the Loyalty page, and then edit the Earning Points and Redeeming Rewards settings to match the settings described in this topic.

    The Loyalty page is available only if your Square account is activated in a supported country, or if you open the Sandbox Seller Dashboard with a test account configured for a supported country. Custom test accounts use an OAuth access token instead of the Sandbox access token, so you must grant the account the required permissions for the Square APIs used in this walkthrough.

  4. On the Customize your program step, keep the default Points terminology, and then choose Next.

  5. On the Select a program type step, define an accrual rule that enables customers to earn points on every dollar spent.

    1. Choose Amount spent.

    2. For Every time customers spend, enter 1.00.

    3. For Customers earn, enter 1.

    4. Choose Next.

      A screenshot showing how sellers set up an "Amount spent" program type where buyers earn 1 point for every dollar spent.

  6. On the Set up your rewards step, define a reward tier that offers a percentage discount on the entire sale.

    1. For Reward type, choose Discount on entire sale.
    2. For Discount amount, choose % to change to Discount percentage, and then enter 10.
    3. For Points needed to earn this reward, enter 10.
    4. Choose Next.

    A screenshot showing how sellers can set up a "Discount on entire sale" reward so buyers can redeem 10 points for 10% off a purchase.

  7. On the Review and subscribe step, review your loyalty program settings, and then choose Finish.

  8. In the Subscribe to Square Loyalty dialog box, enter information for the Sandbox test credit card. This test credit card lets you sign up for Square Loyalty in the Sandbox environment for free.

    1. For Name on Card, enter a name.
    2. For Card Number, enter 4111 1111 1111 1111.
    3. For CVV, enter 111.
    4. For Expiration Date, enter a future month and year in MM/YY format.
    5. For ZIP, enter a postal code.

    A screenshot showing where sellers can enter test credit card information.

Your loyalty program is now set up. On the Loyalty page in the Seller Dashboard, you can choose Settings to view or edit the program settings.


A loyalty program can also have loyalty promotions that enable buyers to earn points in addition to those earned from an accrual rule. For more information, see Manage Loyalty Promotions.