Customer Groups API

Manage Customers by Groups

A Customer group (also called manual group) is an arbitrarily named collection of customers. Sellers and developers have full control over the definition, management, and customer membership of these groups. For example, a seller can create a customer group called “Summer Conference 2020” and add customers to the group after they check in at a conference.

To learn more about the customer groups, see Manage Customer Groups and Filters.

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When retrieving a customer resource, you can determine the customer groups to which a given customer belongs using the following field on the customer resource:

  • group_ids. Lists all the customer groups to which the customer belongs.

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The Customer Groups API and Customers API together let developers to do CRUD management of customer groups, add and remove customers from customer groups, and search for customers based on membership. These features let developers use the API to do full lifecycle management and analysis of customer groups, and, in turn, automate and personalize customer interactions.